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How Much Home Can I Afford

A home may be one of the biggest investment you'll ever make, and smart budgeting from the start can save you a lot of headaches as a future homeowner. Here are five questions to ask yourself to help determine just how much house your budget can buy:...Read More

Is It Time To Refinance?

If you're a current homeowner who feels like you're spending too much on your monthly mortgage payment, it may be time to look into refinancing your loan....Read More

3 Mortgage Programs That Offer No Money Down

3 Mortgage Programs That Offer No Money Down The number one factor that prevents most non-homeowners back from applying for a home loan, is a myth. The myth is that you must have 20% or more to put down on your home. That is simply not true....Read More

Cyber Security And Your Home: 5 Tips to Keep You & Your Home Safe

We live in a time of convenience, we want what we want, when we want it. The need for convenience and immediate satisfaction enetered the banking industry with the installation of the first ATM. Convenience in the mortgage industry looks a little different, but people still want to get the best rate and move into the home of their dreams ASAP...Read More