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March 2013 Issue – Article in HousingWire

Equity Prime’ Derek van Dam contributes to the March issue of HousingWire, explaining the misconceptions of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). Derek explains that lenders owe it to their borrowers to explain why ARMs are sometimes a viable option, and fixed-rate mortgages don’t fit every borrowers’ needs....Read More

03/08/2013 – Equity featured in Origination News

Today, there are many reasons why loan officers or independent mortgage brokers should consider joining a larger organization. However, the opposite trend is developing, as more and more branch managers are returning to being independent. Article details Equity Prime President Eddy Perez’s thoughts on why this trend is occurring and why more people are opening up new branch locations....Read More

February 2013 Issue – Equity featured in The MReport

The article details housing finance experts’ opinions on the regulations regarding loan officer (LO) compensation and how it’s affected their operations and compliance strategies. Equity Prime President Eddy Perez provided commentary on the new LO pay schedule and how the company has increased its compliance and recruiting staff to adapt to the changes....Read More